Data Advisors

Chartio’s Data Advisors leverage our expertise in data analytics from working with hundreds of data-driven organizations to help our customers implement and succeed in their data analytics strategies.

Chartio Data Advisor

Who are our Data Advisors?

  • Our Data Advisors take advantage of our team’s collective experience of 10+ years and 800+ customers to help you implement the right practices for your organization’s unique Business Intelligence and data analytics requirements.

  • All our Premium customers have an assigned Data Advisor to advise and assist, not only with account or support questions, but also with any data related questions their organization may have.

  • The objective of our Data Advisors is to enable the data success of each one of our customers. That simple.

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What can Data Advisors do for you?

Data Modeling

  • Recommend the best ways to model and control your data based on the unique requirements of your organization.
  • Provide tools to enable quick modeling directly on your data warehouse for better access and performance of your data analytics platform and applications.
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Chartio’s Data Advisor team was instrumental in helping us model data for our immediate needs and also begin future planning. An invaluable resource to be able to call at any time.

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Data Migration

  • Share insights on how to build your data stack and advise on data stack architecture and partner connections.
  • Perform bulk actions for your organization for permission controls, chart and dashboard cloning, and data source swaps.
Chartio’s team was critical in our successful migration to Snowflake. They worked diligently and were committed to our success no matter what it took. It is an invaluable relationship that we have with the Chartio team.

Performance Insights

  • Constantly monitor and recommend improvements the overall performance of your data analytics stack.
  • Analyze improvements for scalability, latency and cost efficiency of your data warehouse.
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Chartio’s Data Advisor team were quick to assess our overall Business Intelligence performance issues and advise us on an implementation plan that helped reduce our query load by 500%. Responsiveness, expertise and fast resolution helped us immensely and they are a valuable extension of our own data team.

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Data Governance

  • Assess and recommend best practices for setting up appropriate controls and access to scale by taking advantage of the full Chartio functionality.
  • Configure and help implement workflows based on our Premium permissioning API.
We were not only provided initial input into the Alerting product but we also were given beta access to provide direct input into the Product team. We don’t get this level of access and input from any of our other partners.

Personalized Onboarding and Training

  • Live trainings customized specifically to you and your data.
  • Advanced topics, data governance trainings, 1:1 working sessions on your data.
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Onboarding timeline