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Data isn’t easy. Technology, scale, use cases, and best practices are changing all the time. That’s why we assign knowledgeable Data Advisors, who stay up-to-date and work across many companies, to ensure our customers have the best data set-up possible.
Tim Miller
Best Relationship - Spring 2019

Award-winning service

Customers consistently rank Chartio #1 for its quality of support, according to G2.

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Guidance along the four stages of data

Companies typically evolve through distinct phases as they grow, from having just a loose collection of external datasets to creating discrete data marts for individual teams. Whether you’re just starting to work with data or have a fully-scaled strategy, our Data Advisors are here to help.

They wrote the book on data

Our Data Advisors aren’t just helpful partners—they’re also published authors. We recently compiled their insights on the four stages of data into a new free e-book, available for download today.

Help throughout your journey

Chartio Data Advisors provide solutions to the most common data challenges:
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Data modeling

  • Recommending the best ways to model and control your data based on the unique requirements of your organization
  • Providing tools to enable quick modeling directly on your data warehouse for better access and performance
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Data migration

  • Sharing insights on how to build your data stack and advice on data stack architecture and partner connections
  • Performing bulk actions for your organization for permission controls, chart and dashboard cloning, and data source swaps
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Performance insights

  • Constantly monitoring and recommending improvements for the overall performance of your data analytics stack
  • Analyzing improvements to the scalability, latency and cost efficiency of your data warehouse
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Data governance

  • Assessing and recommending best practices for setting up appropriate controls and access to scale
  • Configuring and helping implement workflows based on Chartio’s Premium permissioning API

Personalized onboarding and training

From day one, our Data Advisors follow a detailed roadmap to ensure your success.

Support team
1-3 days


  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Project work plan development
  • Team organization advice
  • V1 scoping


  • V1 charts setup for primary use cases and best practices
  • V1 product training
  • V2 spec reporting requirement defining
1-3 weeks

Deploy & training

  • Implementation of V2 reports
  • Deep-dive training
  • Implementation sign-off
  • Customer satisfaction QA checkpoint of Data Pipeline


  • V3 reporting scoping and training
  • QA of Data Pipeline
  • Ongoing consultations and best practice sharing

A few companies our advisors support

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Caitlin Vanasse of Filestack
I love Chartio as a product, but their support team is why I've recommended them to several colleagues and friends.
Caitlin Vanasse, Data Analyst at Filestack