Explore and Visualize Your Zendesk Data in Chartio Analytics

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Dig Deeper into Your Customer Tickets

Get the information you need to make customers happy and make smarter product decisions. With Chartio's modern analytics solution, you can combine your traditionally siloed customer data from sources like Salesforce with your business analytics to drive retention and uncover customer health trends.

Explore Your Zendesk Data Today

Note: To connect Chartio and Zendesk, you will first need to create an account with one of our data integration partners.

Start Mixing and Analyzing Data in Minutes

Connecting Zendesk to Chartio
1. Extract your Zendesk data via a Chartio integration partner

Create an account with one of our partners who integrates with Zendesk, and then connect that account to Chartio.

Creating a visualization in Chartio
2. Build Charts and Combine Data

Create interactive dashboards and real-time reports using Chartio’s intuitive visual interface where no SQL knowledge is required.

Sharing a dashboard with your team
3. Share and Uncover New Insights

Easily share insights, interactive dashboards, custom branded reports and charts across your organization powered by your Zendesk and business analytics.

Create Multi-Dimensional Reports Effortlessly

Grab information from any Zendesk object like Tickets, Users and Organizations to create a single report or metric—no SQL knowledge needed.

See the Capabilities of Our Data Explorer
Chartios advanced pipeline creating a report for analysis
An example Chartio report or dashboard coming together

Build Your Dream Dashboards

With 15+ chart types and the ability to customize colors and branding you can gather, organize, and visualize all your customer interactions in one place.

See More Dashboard Power

Visualize Overall Impact

Combine together data from Zendesk and the rest of your business to see how your customer support is impacting the entire company.

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Can You Get More from Your Zendesk Data?

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Why Zendesk Users Love Chartio

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Don't use what everyone else is using. Build custom charts, dashboards and reports that matter to you.

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Powerful Analytics

Combine data from different systems and perform advanced analytics that lead to deeper insights.

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Built for Everyone

Intuitively query, analyze and track your key customer success metrics in real-time to quickly identify trends, patterns and outliers.

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Get everyone on the same page. Quickly and easily share your reports and dashboards with the rest of your team.

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We are able to drive negative churn because everyone from Sales to Customer Success uses Chartio to look at how customers are interacting and ask the right questions to improve an account’s health or find an opportunity to upsell.
—Jonathan Cran, VP of Product, Bugcrowd