Embedded analytics, wherever you need them

Instead of hiring a developer to build and maintain your own data dashboards, enjoy a reliable, full-featured embedded BI solution for a fraction of the cost with Chartio’s Interactive Embedding.


Customize your dashboard’s colors, fonts, and layout to match the look and feel of your site for a seamless brand experience.


Viewers can adjust controls like date ranges and dig deeper into your data with just a click, tap, or hover.


Embedded dashboards are fast and reliable thanks to progressive chart rendering and fresh data querying on each load.

Simple and secure

Get set up in minutes with a standard HTML iframe and a unique web token.

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Data dashboards to support your teams...

Add to your internal sites

Boost productivity by giving your teams access to critical data dashboards right within their existing workflows.

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Embed in Salesforce

Chartio’s embedded dashboards can be integrated directly into Salesforce Views, giving your sales teams easy access to extra account data like product usage and support requests.

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...and everyone else

Enhance your customer portals

Provide personalized stats for your customers by embedding dashboards directly into their account views.

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Share with the world

Showcase your company’s most impressive metrics by embedding dashboards on external sites for investors, the media, and the public.

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