The Full Power of Chartio

Simple enough for everyone. Powerful enough for the data team.

Explore Your Data

  • Interactive Mode

    With Chartio’s Interactive Mode, you can Drag and Drop data to create, edit, filter and share dashboards all with a few clicks.

  • SQL Mode

    SQL is the most powerful way of working with data. Communicate with your databases in their standard language through our powerful SQL editor.

interactive mode data explorer

Transform Your Data

With our proprietary Data Pipeline, you can transform your query results in a series of intuitive steps, including custom calculations, extrapolations and forecasts, pivots, edit columns and rows and more.

  • Layer Your Data

    By adding a transformation step (or layer) to your data, you’re able to transform your query results with a click of a button.

  • Preview Data

    You can preview your data at any point in the Data Pipeline to compare how your data looks before and after the transformation.

  • Executed Query

    The Executed Query shows you the exact query that was sent to your database so you have full transparency.

transform data
Data Pipeline Functions
Function Description
Filter Rows Ability to filter rows based on certain conditions.
Limit Rows Limit the number of rows included in your query results and can be used when applied after a sort.
Sort Rows Apply a sort to one or more columns.
Function Description
Add Custom Column Add a calculated column to your query by using one of our built-in functions or choose a custom formula.
Case Statement Add or edit a column in your query results where values are set based on an “if… then” condition.
Combine Columns Combine columns either by applying a mathematical operation or by concatenation, or a series of interconnected events.
Edit Column Edit an existing column by entering a custom formula.
Hide Column Hide one or more columns in your query results.
Rename Columns Rename one or more columns. Useful for display purposes or shortening column names for ease of use in formulas.
Reorder Columns Easily click and drag your column names to reorder how they will appear in your chart.
Function Description
Bucket Data Divides values from one column into a series of ranges and then counts how many values fall within each range.
Extrapolate Data Choose whether to add data to the existing column or create a new one, the number of rows returned, and the type of extrapolation used (Cubic, Quadratic, or Linear).
Group Use the GROUP BY clause to group your query results based on a specified column.
Pivot Data If your chart has one measure grouped by two dimensions, such as count of activity grouped by month and by activity type, you'll want to pivot the data so you can use it in a chart.
Unpivot Data Unpivot data is useful when you have multiple single value columns that you want to use in a visualization.
Zero Fill Data Zero fill fills in all missing values, such as a data or numeric columns, in your query results with zeros.

Visualize Your Data

  • Chart Preview

    Whether in Interactive or SQL Mode, pre-select your chart type to better explore your data and receive a preview of your visualization.

  • Visualizations

    Transform your data into visualizations that identify trends, patterns and outliers.

  • Charts

    Customize your chart or allow Chartio to intuitively recommend the appropriate chart depending on your data, ensuring beautiful charts every time.

demo dashboard

ufo demo dashboard
Chartio Features
Feature Description
Data Blending Power Multiplied. Combine your disparate data sources for robust insights. Once combined, there's no limit to the type of analyses you can perform.
Data Stores Transform Data Storage. Store segments of your data in Chartio without changing your operational database, so you can analyze exactly what you want.
Drill Downs Deeper Data Exploration. Get actionable insights without exploring raw data or leaving our intuitive interface.
Table Joins Automatically Combine Information. Joins are automatically built into your queries when dragging columns from related tables in the Data Explorer.
Custom Schema Personalized Structure to Your Data. Write SQL that generates custom columns or tables in your database, giving you the ability better define your schema.
Extrapolation Predict the Future. In layering your data in the Data Pipeline, you'll be able to predict future trends and forecast growth with a click of a button.
Snapshots Your Data Time Machine. Continuously capture your data at specific moments in time to get an unaltered look into the past for better future decision-making.
Admin Management Made Easy. No more wasting time with configurations and tedious maintenance. With Chartio, administration is simple.
Data Sharing Access to Insights. Easily share charts and dashboards with your team via email, PDF, scheduled reports and shareable links.

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