Priced to scale


Best for product teams

$ 40 50 /user/month
Annual billing Monthly billing
  • 50 charts/user
  • Unlimited database connections
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Visual SQL data exploration
  • SQL data exploration
  • Chart and dashboard comments
  • PDF, CSV, PNG, SVG exporting
  • Data blending
  • Scheduled reports
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14 day free trial - no card required


Best for data teams

$ 60 75 /user/month
Annual billing Monthly billing
Everything in Starter plus:
  • 100 charts/user
  • Data warehouse connections
  • Scheduled alerts
  • 1 GB data stores
  • Custom themes
  • Dashboard history snapshots
  • Internal embedding
  • Chart Slack sharing
  • Chat & email support
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14 day free trial - no card required


Best for teams of 30+

Bulk pricing
Everything in Professional plus:
  • Unlimited charts/user
  • SAML
  • Admin and teams API
  • Usage and activity monitoring
  • 10 GB data stores
  • 1 million row data blending
  • In-app performance monitoring
  • Dedicated support (min 20 users)
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Discounts for 30+ seats

viewer seat plans

fixed annual pricing


If you’re interested in one of these add-ons, please schedule a call with us.

Embedded Analytics

Put your customer’s data into your product

  • Monetized analytics for your customers
  • Fast iteration in the hands of the product team
  • No deploys needed
  • Custom visualizations and themes
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Embedded addon


For companies with private health information we offer HIPAA compliant plans.

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Visual SQL
SQL editor + history
Cross-schema joins
Post-query data transformations
Real time queries
Custom formulas & fields
Schema visualization
Data blending

Visualize and interact

Interactive dashboards
Export as PDF, CSV, PNG, SVG
Drilldowns and variables
Auto-refresh min interval
Dashboard snapshots
Custom themes

Share and Collaborate

Chart and dashboard comments
Scheduled reports
Share to Slack
Notification controls
Internal Embedding

Connect Data

Database connections
Google Analytics & Google Sheets
CSV upload
Schema editing
Custom columns and tables
Auto foreign key detection
SSH tunnel connector
Datawarehouse connections
Data stores

Govern and Secure

Support level
Query log
Scheduled jobs granularity
Activity log
Smart refresh intervals
Query rate limiter
Custom organization defaults
SAML (Azure, Okta, OneLogin, etc)
Custom caching
Admin and teams API
In-app usage and perf monitoring
Pie Chart


Best for product teams


100k rows
30 min
self serve
Bar Line Chart


Best for data teams


100k rows
5 min
1 GB
email, chat
Bubble map chart


Best for teams of 30+

Bulk pricing available

1 MM rows
2 min
10 GB
dedicated w/ min 20 users
CSV / Datasource

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in my free 14-day trial?

You are able to trial our Starter or Professional plan on our 14 day period. No credit card is required and we have expert support to guide you along the way if you need help.

What are the discount options as I scale?

  • Viewer based pricing options
  • Fixed annual contracts
  • Extra benefits/limits/api’s in the Org plan
  • Bulk pricing
  • Dedicated DA

Can I share my dashboards with non-licensed users?

Everyone accessing your data and dashboards in Chartio does need to be a registered paying seat. For very limited use, you can subscribe non-users to scheduled reports - where they’re emailed static dashboards periodically.

If you’re wanting to share your dashboards with your customers - you’re likely interested in our Embedded Analytics solution.

Can I start a monthly subscription?

Yes! You can sign up for Starter and Professional plans as monthly subscriptions, which offer the same features as annual plans but provide more flexibility in your commitment. Starter is currently priced at $50/month/license, and Professional is $75/month/license. Please reach out to us at if you'd like more information.

How do chart limits work?

Each seat comes with the specified number of charts per plan. If you wish to upgrade from Starter (50 charts) to Professional (100 charts) the total chart count per seat would be 100. Five seats on Professional would be 500 charts for your organization.

How does the pricing scale with our usage?

As your team’s usage grows, you might benefit from upgrading to an Organizational plan which offers bulk pricing for your company’s use of Chartio. This plan comes with additional features that are helpful for larger teams. In addition, you’ll have access to our Data Advisors who can not only help ensure your Chartio instance is optimized for performance but are also a great resource for best practices, advice and training. The fixed cost of the Organizational plan depends on several factors and is tailored to meet your specific needs. Schedule a demo and receive a free quote.

Why do you price per license?

For our self-service Startup and Professional plan customers, we’ve found per-license pricing to be the easiest to understand and the closest alignment to value. Our Organizational plan pricing is not set per license, but customized for each company and use case. We have no extra fees.

Am I automatically charged when I add a new user in Chartio?

You can add users to your Chartio account at any time. We’ll periodically check in to discuss options for adding licenses to your subscription to match your team's usage. You'll have the opportunity to make final adjustments prior to any pricing changes.

How do I remove a license from my Chartio subscription?

Removing a user from Chartio doesn’t remove their license from your account, so you’re able to easily replace them with another user. If you’d like to reduce your license count, please contact us at

Can I share licenses or logins?

To ensure that your team can collaborate effectively and securely, each license can only be used by one person.

Are there different prices for Creator vs. Viewer licenses?

No. While other B.I. products might have different classes of pricing based on user roles, we believe your whole team should be able to explore data and answer questions themselves. That’s why Chartio offers a simpler pricing model (with no hidden fees), so your company can enjoy a better, less limited way of working

Are there discounts for nonprofits?

Yes, we offer some discounts for nonprofits. Send us a note at to find out more.

Are there discounts for startups?

We have a few discount partnerships with common incubators like Y Combinator (we’re alums!), TechStars, and Mass Challenge. If your company is a member of one of those (or a similar program), send us a note at

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