February 2017


  • Bubble Charts: set max bubble size
  • Ensure Run Query keyboard shortcut cancels previously running query
  • Add titles to urls in table charts (SQL Mode or Custom Formula)
  • Support using logarithmic chart setting with reverse axis
  • Chart Performance: quickly view a charts’ queries and performance stats from its menu
  • Resolve syntax error when using Date Bucket dashboard variable with UTC offset


  • Chart cache moved from data source to dashboard level
  • Move Last updated out of sidebar
  • Fix link formatting for email reports in Outlook

Data Pipeline

Data Sources

  • Allow custom tables more time to reflect
  • Fix issue validating hostnames with invalid characters
  • Custom tables: allow more time for reflection
  • Fix syntax error when using date filters on datetime columns with BigQuery (Standard SQL)


  • Users can view and grant permissions for other teams
  • Report emails will now contain a link to download the report rather than being directly attached to the email

Bulk dashboard management

Bulk dashboard management