Finally, a visual version of SQL

SQL may be the language of data, but not everyone can understand it.
With our visual version of SQL, now anyone at your company can query data from almost any source—no coding required.
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The #1 interface for exploring data
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Intuitive for business users

Based on years of user research and development, we’ve created an approachable drag-and-drop interface that writes queries for you. No need to know SQL to be able to understand your data in the quickest way possible—with Chartio’s Visual SQL, anyone can have the power of an analyst.

Fast for power users

Data is more quickly explored visually.

When you work with text-based SQL, you need to remember lots of obscure function names, syntax differences, and datetime conversion formats. Visual SQL takes the pain out of exploring your data. It works the same on top of all databases and APIs, handles changing date groupings seamlessly, and does joins automatically.

And of course, Visual SQL doesn’t limit you. Whenever you want to dive into the raw SQL, you can switch to SQL mode.

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SQL mode

Transparent for SQL pros

Since Visual SQL is built directly on top of SQL, at any point you can toggle to, or even start with, text-based SQL mode. Our SQL editor is the best in the industry, featuring:

  • Great autocomplete functionality
  • Smart error highlighting
  • Result previews
  • Auto formatting
  • Interactive filter variables
  • Large results tables
  • SQL version control

Flexible for programmers

Visual SQL isn’t just a rewrite of SQL. Instead, it extends SQL to perform many common tasks you’d otherwise have write to code for. Blending query results from multiple sources, forecasting, filtering, creating custom formulas, data pivots, transposing, and all sorts of other data transformations are built into our powerful, flexible visual language.


Beautiful charts for everyone

Build customized charts and graphs from your data to easily identify trends, patterns and outliers.

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Gavin Matthews
Chartio combines a standard SQL builder with more powerful visualizations and a visual editor. This combination makes it very user friendly while still allowing non-power users to get to results.
Gavin Matthews, Product Manager at Automox

Why a language?

As a visual language, Chartio’s interface gives you unprecedented flexibility to define complex data requests with simple steps.

Why SQL?

SQL is the ultimate language for working with any database—and with Visual SQL layered on top of it, we stay close to the database and how it works.

Why visual?

Our interactive interface makes it easy to explore and analyze data, especially for those who may be unfamiliar with coding.