Visual SQL

Every business intelligence and data analytics tool talks about simplicity and power. But we actually make it happen. Visual SQL is Chartio’s unique interface to SQL, which enables both data analysts and line of business users to analyze data from almost any source through a single, intuitive, flexible, drag-and-drop experience.

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Why Visual?

Text-based data exploration is intimidating to anyone who hasn’t coded before (and even those who have). Our Interactive Mode is the most intuitive interface to explore and analyze your data.


Why SQL?

SQL is the ultimate language for working with any database. With Visual SQL working simply on top of it, we stay close to the database and how it works.


Why a Language?

Chartio’s interface is a visual language providing an unprecedented amount of flexibility for users to define complex data requests with simple sequential steps.

What You Can Do with Visual SQL


Explore Your Data

No need to know SQL to be able to explore all your data in the fastest and easiest way possible.

  • Interactive Mode

    With Chartio’s Interactive Mode, you can Drag and Drop data to create, edit, filter and share dashboards all with a few clicks.

  • SQL Mode

    SQL is the most powerful way of working with data. Communicate with your databases in their standard language through our powerful SQL editor.

Transform Your Data

With our proprietary Data Pipeline, you can transform your query results with a click of a button.

  • Layer Your Data

    Build powerful transformations via a series of intuitive steps (or layers), including custom calculations, extrapolations and forecasts, pivots, edits of columns and rows and more.

  • Preview Data

    You can preview your data at any point in the Data Pipeline to compare how your data looks before and after the transformation.

  • Executed Query

    The Executed Query shows you the exact query that was sent to your database so you have full transparency.


Visualize Your Data

Build the right visualizations to identify trends, patterns and outliers.

  • Preview a Chart Type

    Whether in Interactive or SQL Mode, pre-select your chart type to better explore your data and receive a preview of your visualization.

  • Chart Library

    Customize your chart or allow Chartio to intuitively recommend the appropriate chart depending on your data, ensuring beautiful visualizations every time.

What Customers are Saying

With Visual SQL, Chartio is #1 in ease-of-use, speed-of-implementation and ROI for Self-Service Business Intelligence based on G2 Crowd reviews.

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Chartio is easy to use, adding a new report, dashboard, auto email only takes a few minutes. There are also plenty of advanced features on offer too, should you wish to use them. Amazing customer support and new features are added all the time.
—Ewan B., Head of Reporting, Shazam Entertainment

The Power of Visual SQL



  • Build complex SQL queries quickly and efficiently on Interactive Mode

  • Switch to SQL Mode to see and review the generated SQL code

  • Show the love from your organization by empowering every team to analyze their data on their own

  • Get back time to focus on more complex analyses and models


  • Get to insights in minutes, not weeks

  • Access and explore all your data without having to wait on your data team

  • Create powerful charts, reports and dashboards for everyone in your team

  • No need to learn SQL or any other proprietary language to explore your data

The #DataForAll Movement

  • Chartio is on a mission to enable everyone in your organization to have access to analyzing and understanding their data. No silos, no bottlenecks, no excuses.

  • Taking something complex and making it easy for everyone is an endeavor that we take very seriously. But we are trailing a new way forward. We call it #DataForAll.

  • We understand this is not a fit for everyone. But If you would like to see how Chartio can transform analytics at your company, please join us.