20 SaaS Benchmarks for Growing Startups

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Hypergrowth starts with aligning on the right goals

One of the challenges leaders at startups face is defining what success looks like for a company of their size, at their specific growth stage. Too often, teams try to focus on everything, leading employees to take on too much, too fast, and causing them to lose focus.

For growing Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Revenue teams, getting focused starts with aligning on what metrics to focus on and leaning on industry benchmarks to help set realistic goals. Rather than saying, “let’s increase our website conversion by 15%,” you should examine your own data and connect those insights with industry standards. That equation will lend to clearer strategy and meaningful results.

To help with these efforts, we captured the top 20 SaaS benchmarks growing organizations can use to set clear goals and create a solid foundation for hypergrowth.