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How to Create an Area Chart

Posted by Esther Lau

In this tutorial we will provide you with instructions on how to create an Area Chart.

Using an Area Chart can add depth to your line chart, especially if you are presenting multidimensional data. You can also select a Percent Area Chart, which can help magnify relative differences.

How to Create an Area Chart

To create the Area Chart in the above video, follow these steps in Chartio:

  1. From the Chartio Demo Source, expand on the ‘Users’ field and drag the ‘User Id’ into the Measures box in Interactive Mode.
  2. Then click on User Id in the Measures box and type in “User Count” where it says Label, and hit ‘OK’.
  3. To add dimensionality, we’re going to drag the ‘Created Date’ into the Dimensions box in Interactive Mode.
  4. Then on the right half of the screen select the ‘Table’ icon and it will display the data in a table setting. The first column will be the plotted points on the x-axis. The next column will be the plotted points on the y-axis. Each column will be its own series or line that appears on the chart.
  5. Lastly, let’s change the chart type and select the ‘Area’ icon.
  6. Then click on ‘Settings’, located on top of the chart, and in the ‘Series’ tab check off ‘Half opactiy’ and hit Done.

Congratulations you just made your first Area Chart.