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How to Create a Last-Touch Marketing Attribution Report in HubSpot

Posted by Tina Nguyen

Last-Touch marketing attribution refers to the last touchpoint or channel that a user interacted with before converting on your site. Plainly, this means that the conversion credit will go to the last page seen or email click-through right before a user converts to a new lead status.

Last-Touch attribution is very useful for marketers to get a better understand of how users are interacting with different channels and assessing how many touchpoints is ideal for a user before ultimately converting on your site.

In this tutorial, learn how to track last-touch marketing attribution in HubSpot.

What is Last-Touch Marketing Attribution?

As aforementioned, Last-Touch marketing attribution gives conversion credit to the last touchpoint a user interacted with before converting. Other names for last-touch attribution include last-click and last-interaction.

An example of Last-Touch marketing attribution model can be understood through the following example:

  • Meg searches for shoes on Google and clicks through a search result for She browses a few sites and finds a pair of shoes she likes but doesn’t buy them.
  • She continues searching online and finds a women’s fashion blog that mentions the pants and clicks through to Still not ready to buy, she mouses over to the exit box and sees a pop-up for 15% if you sign up for the newsletter. She signs up for the newsletter.
  • A few days later Meg gets an email from and clicks through from the email and buys the shoes. is using a Last-Touch marketing attribution model, with that, the conversion is credited to the email click-through since that’s the last touchpoint before Meg purchased the pair of shoes.

How to Track Last-Touch Attribution in Hubspot

Hubspot allows users to create attribute reports within the marketing automation platform. To create a Last-Touch attribution report in Hubspot, follow these steps:

  1. In Hubspot, go to Reports > Reports Home
  2. Click the ‘Create a new report’ button
  3. A pop-up modal will appear prompting you to choose a report type. Choose Attribution Report
  4. While Hubspot will give you a few options of attribution report types, let’s choose Start from Scratch, then click Create Report
  5. Start building your report by choosing a group of contact to report on, a conversion type and time period, interacting score or source (in our case, last-touch)
  6. Save your report
  7. On the next page, be sure to title your report
  8. View and share your report


A Last-Touch marketing attribution model is a valuable way for marketers who are singularly focused on driving conversions. If non-converting actions have little to no value for your business, then a last-touch model can be an effective strategy for attribution.

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