Bubble Plots

Posted: July 24, 2014


In an effort to provide additional advanced visualizations, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a much-requested chart type to Chartio: the bubble plot.

Bubble plots are similar to scatter plots, but support three value series instead of two. In Chartio, the first column will be mapped to the x-axis, the second column to the y-axis, and the third column becomes the area of the bubble.

We are excited for bubble plots, as it’s our first chart type that allows you to plot two measures against a dimension, and communicate the raw count, frequency, or proportion of some variable where the size of the bubble reflects the quantity. These types of charts are useful for spotting categories easily and comparing to the rest of the data by looking at the size of the bubble, but are not well suited for accurate or precise determination.

We hope you love the new bubble plots - let us know at support@chartio.com or on Twitter @chartio.