Chartio and Codame at DataWeek

Posted by on October 2, 2013 -- Data, Chartio

It’s DataWeek here in San Francisco, where you’ll be able to spot us in multiple locations around town. Yesterday we were at the Dataweek Hackathon checking out cool projects like SeatSneak, PhoneDirect, ChatStrum and many others.

Today our founder Dave Fowler is leading a panel about startups, data and their dashboards. The panelists include Riley Newman, head of analytics and data science at AirBnb, Rimas Silkaitis, product manager at CarWoo! and Jonathan Dinu, co-founder of Zipfian Academy. Here’s the excerpt from DataWeek’s program guide:

Don’t Go Blind Into This: Why Data is Invaluable to Startups

Join Dave Fowler, founder of Chartio, and a group of San Francisco startups to discuss the importance of understanding your data in your databases. Startups don’t have the time or money to invest in standard BI solutions and shouldn’t take on building a solution of their own. Yet understanding your data in real-time could mean the life or death of your company and drive your growth hacking decisions. We will go over the challenges of finding solutions that work for small companies, what data startups should look for and why, why understanding your data is more important than ever and hear stories from real startups using data to drive decisions.

So come by to see us at the Expo hall today for a demo and a t-shirt. And if you don’t catch us there, or even if you do, be sure to join us tonight at the Codame Data Viz festival from 6:30 to 10:30 pm at Geekdom SF, where we will help data visualization meet art and tech.