Farewell Intern Zach

Posted: August 16, 2013 by Dave Fowler


Today is sadly the last day for the first, only, and therefore best intern Chartio has ever had. Fate, and our mutual distaste for planning ahead brought us together when I received an email in May saying in short “I’m moving to San Francisco next week. Are you guys still looking for an intern?”

And with that Zach Banks fell into our laps, and grew into our hearts throughout the summer with his clever IRC banter, polite charm and brilliant code. Zach finished his summer project in his first two weeks, so we had to give him something much harder. For the rest of his time with us he built our platform for CSV support, and our upcoming support for additional data services.

Because its important to embarrass your interns, we’ve bedazzled his desk and published it here on the internet. We’ll all miss Zach as he returns to MIT, but wish him much luck!