Flatter Foundations

Posted by on May 8, 2013 -- Features, Chartio

Last Friday our customers noticed a visual update that rolled out for the Chartio app. This wasn’t a major release and we didn’t add any features, but it has been a chance for us to unify the look of our service with the identity we’re presenting to the public, and create a simple foundation for all of the good things to come.

We want Chartio to be the best interface to data, and that means always, always, always focusing on that data’s presentation. So we changed the navigation mechanism to allow for more screen real-estate for dashboards, flattened the overall interface design, and changed how we use color - “meaningfully and with restraint”.

There is so much more to come, but I’ll save talking about that for when those features ship. For now we’re happy to have a strong foundation, something that we hope highlights the useful and the changing, removes unnecessary distraction, and makes it easier to focus on what’s important: your business, your development, whatever it is that you use Chartio for.

We’ll continue to evolve the usability, features, and presentation of Chartio, but if you’d ever like to let us know what you think we’d love to hear it. Just say hello@chartio.com