Chartio offers a few different types of Variables which can be used on dashboards as well as across the application. They are as follows: Dashboard Variables, Relative Date Variables, Drilldown Variables, and the Current User Variable.

  • Dashboard Variables allow you to filter multiple charts at once from your dashboard, using a Text Input, Calendar picker, or other input type. These can be used on any chart within a dashboard either in your initial query or within the Data Pipeline.
  • Relative Date Variables are built-in date variables that can be used throughout the application. They each resolve to a single date string, so you can use them anywhere you would otherwise enter a date value.
  • Drilldown Variables allow you to use charts as filters for other charts. Simply link the charts together, and click an area in a chart to drill down into your data. You can even link charts from one dashboard to another dashboard.
  • The Current User Variable is a variable available by default to anyone, similarly to the Relative Date Variables, which can be used on any dashboard. This variable will populate the email of the user currently viewing a dashboard and can be used as a filter within charts or to display the user on your dashboard.