As an added service, Chartio provides the ability to embed dashboards into existing web applications.

This powerful feature allows you to provide personalized analytics to your customers, increasing the overall value of your product offering with minimal development effort.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo or enabling this for your account, please contact sales@chartio.com.

Technologies Used

Integrating embedded dashboards into your application involves two open, simple, and easy-to-use technologies: JSON web tokens (JWT) and HTML iframes.

JWTs allow you to, in a tamper-proof manner from your end user’s perspective, pass Chartio the dashboard id you would like to embed as well as the values to apply to any dashboard variables. These values can be controlled by your application’s native UI elements to provide robust filtering capabilities.

HTML iframes are a common technology used for embedding third party widgets in a webpage.

Plugging everything together is as simple as placing an iframe in your HTML that references in its src attribute a Chartio endpoint appended with a JWT.