Drilldown Variables

Chartio’s Drilldown functionality allows you to click an area on a chart to update a Dashboard Variable value. The Dashboard Variable then updates any charts that are connected to it.

This is basically a two part process:

  1. Map your chart metrics (Drilldown Variables) to Dashboard Variables
  2. Filter your chart(s) with the Dashboard Variables

This is best explained with an example. I’ll start by showing you what our final dashboard looks like, then I’ll explain how to connect everything together.

Drill Down Variable Example

Interacting with the Monthly Activity chart updates two dashboard variables: the Calendar Filter and the Categorical Dropdown. The Dashboard Variables then update the Daily Activity chart. This gives us a zoomed-in view of our Activity by Activity Type.

Let’s walk through how to set this up. To begin with, we have two charts and two Dashboard Variables already on this Dashboard:

  1. Monthly Activity, a chart grouped by month and activity type
  2. Daily Activity, a chart grouped by day and activity type
  3. A Calendar Interval Dashboard Variable
  4. A Categorical Dropdown Dashboard Variable containing Activity values