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Slack Integration

You can add Chartio to different channels across all your Slack Workspaces.

Check out our step-by-step video showing how to connect a Slack Channel and share charts to Slack from Chartio:

To add Chartio to a Slack Channel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Integrations tab of your organization’s settings.

    Go to the Integrations tab of your org Settings to add a Slack integration

  2. Click the +Add Slack Channel button to integrate your Slack account with Chartio. This will redirect you to Slack’s website, where it will prompt you to sign in to a Slack workspace if you haven’t integrated a workspace with Chartio before.

    You first need to sign in to the Slack Workspace you wish to connect

  3. After signing in, you’ll choose a Slack Workspace and Channel (or Direct Message). Only Channels of which you are a member and existing Direct Messages will show up in the Channel dropdown.

    Select the channel and workspace you want to upload to

  4. Once you’ve selected the Workspace and Channel, you can click Allow. You will be redirected back to the Integrations page in Chartio where you can view the Slack Integration you’ve just added.

    View your org's list of Slack integrations from the Integrations tab

Sharing a chart to Slack

To share a chart on Slack, select a chart you wish to share and open the chart menu.

Click Share to Slack from a chart's ellipsis menu

Select Share to Slack. A pop-up will open, prompting you to select the room you want to share the chart to and type a message (optional). Once completed, click Share!

Choose the Slack Room and type in a message and click Share

What happens in Slack

An automated message will appear in each channel you’ve added as a Chartio Slack Integration that indicates you’ve added an integration. The shared chart will appear in the selected channel with the message, link to chart, user who shared the chart, and chart image like below:
Example message sent from Chartio to Slack

Things to note

  • Adding Slack Channels to the Integrations tab in Chartio will allow any user in the Chartio application to share in those channels regardless of Slack Permissions. This means that a user could share to a channel that they don’t have permission to access in Slack.
  • Slack Channels can only be added and removed by a Chartio Owner.


If you are not a Slack Admin, you will encounter the error below when trying to add a Slack Channel. Verify on the upper right-hand corner of the page that you have selected a Workspace to which you have Admin access. If you do not have Admin access to any Slack Workspaces, you will need to contact your Slack Admins to add the Slack Integration.

Access error message for a Slack Workspace