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Save console errors for Chartio Support

A console error message is an important message representing an unresolved failure on the page. In other words, when you see an error, the page isn’t rendering as intended.

Sometimes, you’ll experience charts on a dashboard that are failing and you need to work with our Support team to identify the underlying problem. It’s a common request from support that you forward us a screenshot of any console errors that may be presented.

The process to save a copy of your console errors varies a bit depending on the browser you’re using:

Google Chrome

Right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect. This opens the Chrome DevTools in your browser window. By default, DevTools shows the Elements tab, but we want to look at the Console tab so navigate to the Console tab which is beside the Elements tab. Right-click in the Console window to open the options, select Save as…, and enter your desired file name and destination. The file will be saved by default as a log file that you can locate and forward Chartio support for assistance.


Click the browser menu icon (hamburger icon) at the top-right corner of your browser. Then, click Web Developer > Web Console. The web console appears at the bottom of your browser. In the upper-right corner of the console, click the Gear icon and select Persist Logs. Above the Gear icon, click the ellipsis icon and select the Settings. From the Web Console section, select Enable timestamps. Select the Console tab again, and the console should reappear. Leave the Console tab open and perform the steps to produce the error. Select and copy the resulting console log text into a plain text file.

Check out the short video below for additional ways to export your console logs in Google Chrome and Firefox:

Internet Explorer

Go to the menu bar, select Tools > Developer Tools, or press F12. In the Developer Tools window, select the Script tab > Console. When you refresh your sample code in the browser, you should see your console messages displayed. Similarly to when using Firefox, select and copy the resulting console log text into a plain text file to forward it to the support team.

Once you’ve exported your console messages, reach out to us at with your errors.