Advanced Data Pipeline

The Advanced Data Pipeline is an advanced version of our Data Explorer. It is essentially a visual workflow for processing data to build a chart. Merge and transform any number of datasets at any point in the pipeline using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Merge two datasets, apply a transformation, then merge a third dataset.

Merge two datasets, apply a transformation, then merge a third dataset.

Advanced Mode

Access the Advanced Data Pipeline by either adding a new chart from a dashboard or navigating to Explore from the top navigation. Then, click Advanced at the top to switch to the Advanced Data Pipeline mode.

Toggle to Advanced Pipeline

Advanced Data Pipeline Overview Diagram

Once in Advanced Mode, you’ll see an empty Database Query node (similar to your Dataset in Basic Mode) and a Chart node on your canvas. Click the pencil icon on the Database Query node to edit its query.

Advanced Pipeline Example Start

Use Interactive Mode or SQL Mode within your Database Query node to build your query as you normally would. Click Done when finished.

Add a second Database Query node to the canvas by clicking Database Query in the left sidebar, and dragging it onto the canvas. The node will open automatically letting you edit its query as needed. Click Done when completed.

Drag a Merge Step node onto the canvas, and drop it on the line connecting the Database Query node to the Chart node. The connecting line will appear dotted to signify the Merge Step node will connect between the two nodes.

Advanced Pipeline Example Merge

To connect the second Database Query node to the Merge Step, click the square on the bottom middle of the node—the node’s output connector—and then click anywhere on the Merge Step node.

Advanced Pipeline node connect

To run your queries and update your pipeline, click the Run Pipeline button.

Next, drag any Transformation Step node to the canvas, and hover over the line between the Merge step and the Chart node. Drop the Transformation Step node there, and edit as needed.

Advanced Pipeline Example Transform

Click Run Pipeline to run all queries and pipeline step to update your chart.

Run Advanced Pipeline Example