Create an Alert

To create an alert visit the Alert admin panel and click + Add Alert. Build your query as you normally would for any chart, and ensure that your final dataset returns a single value.

If you’re new to Chartio, you may want to review our Quick Start Guide first.

Set the Query schedule, along with the threshold required to trigger the alert. Add email addresses to receive the alert, and add custom subject and body text to be sent in the alert email. Include a dashboard url in the email to provide more context for the alert.

{THRESHOLD} and {VALUE} are variables you can include in your email to refer to the alert threshold trigger and alert value, respectively.

Create an alert

Create from a chart

Permissions required: Dashboard Editor and requisite data source access

You can also create an alert from an existing single value chart. Navigate to a dashboard with a single value chart. Click the chart’s menu and choose Clone to Alert. This will open the chart in the alert editor, allowing you to save a copy of your chart as a new alert.

Create an Alert from existing

Check out the short video below to see how to create an Alert: