Data Explorer

Quick Start

To quickly get started building charts, try our Data Explorer tour. The tour is accessible via Help > Setup Guide in the top navigation of your Chartio account.

For an overview of building a basic chart, see our Quick Start Guide.


Have a quick query you want to try out, but don’t necessarily want to save it to a dashboard? Click the Explore button in the top navigation to open a Data Explorer window that is not attached to any dashboard. If you decide you want to save your chart to a dashboard, you’ll have the option to do so via the Save menu.

The Data Explorer has three main sections:

  1. The Dataset Interface is where you build your queries. Add a dataset for each separate query you want to include in your chart.
  2. The Data Pipeline allows you to join datasets and apply transformations to your data results.
  3. The Chart Preview contains chart settings and other visualization options.

Data Explorer

Advanced Data Pipeline

For complex data processing—multiple joins, etc.—try our Advanced Data Pipeline.