Link Sharing

Quickly share dashboards with existing Chartio teammates using a special URL that grants Edit or View access automatically.

To share a link with a user who is not yet in your Chartio organization, you must first add them to a team.

From a dashboard, click Settings then switch to the Access tab. In the Dashboard Link section, select the Link Sharing dropdown and choose either View or Edit access. Click Copy Url to copy the sharing URL, and then share the URL with your Chartio teammates.

Enable link sharing to share URLs with your teammates

  • If a Chartio user has existing access, that access will override the link sharing access level.
  • When the link sharing setting is updated, a new link is generated and the old link will no longer work. Similarly, when link sharing is turned off the old link will no longer be valid.
  • Link sharing URLs contain a random, non-guessable string to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Dashboard Editors and Admins can enable link sharing.