Using your Stored Table

Once you save your Stored Table, you’ll be redirected to the full list of Data Stores and their Stored Tables. Your Stored Table will not run until its scheduled time, but if you want to use it immediately, you may manually refresh it here.

Stored Table

Once your Stored Table has finished loading, you can use it to create charts as you would any other data source.

If you would like to use your Stored Tables in SQL Mode, please note that they support PostgreSQL syntax.

Foreign keys

To use more than one Stored Table in the same query, add foreign keys between the two tables in its schema. The two Stored Tables will need to be inside the same Data Store. To access the Data Store’s schema, click its name from the full list of Data Stores.

Time Zones

When data is added to a Data Store, it is saved in UTC. To convert the data to another time zone, use the Time Zone Support Data Store setting. This will convert the Data Store data in your chart queries to the desired time zone.

Time Zones