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Chartio’s access control options allow you to specify the access level to data sources and dashboards for Teams and individual users.

Depending on your access level, you can modify a user or team’s access levels for each dashboard and data source within your organization.

Owners Team

The Owners Team is included by default and has implicit global admin permissions for all account settings. Owners can grant themselves access to any data sources or dashboard within the organization.

Refer to our Owners Team page for more information on this default Chartio Team.

Organization access level
Edit namenoyes
Manage plan, paymentnoyes
Be part of subscriptionyesyes
Create new Teamnoyes
Add new Team membersnoyes
View list of all Teamsyes*yes
Edit Team membersnoyes
Add new data sourceyesyes
View list of all data sourcesnoyes
Add new dashboardyesyes
View list of all dashboardsnoyes
Add/edit Data Storesnoyes
View organization activitynoyes
View/edit Embedding settingsnoyes

* Non-Owners can view every team name, but cannot view team members for teams they are not a part of

Primary Admin

The Primary Admin is a designated admin on a dashboard or data source. The Primary Admin is considered the owner of the dashboard; access requests will be sent to the Primary Admin, and they should be the go-to contact with any questions about the dashboard or data source. The Primary Admin can be an individual user or a Team.

Only users and Teams with Admin access on the dashboard or data source can be a Primary Admin. For each dashboard or data source, only Owners and the current Primary Admin can edit the Primary Admin.

Primary Admin

Data Source Permissions

Permissions for data sources can be added on a per-Team or per-user basis. A user will need access to a data source in order to create charts connected to it.

Data Source access level
Disconnect data sourcenoyes
View user accessyesyes
Grant/revoke user accessnoyes
View/edit connection detailsnoyes
Refresh Schemanoyes
Clear cachenoyes
View/download query logyesyes
View debug connection pagenoyes
View schemayesyes
Edit schemanoyes
View schema visualizeryesyes
View Data source Activitynoyes*
Add a Stored Table to a Data Storenoyes

Note: Must be an Organization Owner to view Data Source Activity

Dashboard Permissions

Permissions for dashboards can be added on a per-Team or per-user basis.

Dashboard access level
Viewer Editor Admin
View user access no yes yes
Grant View/Edit access no no yes
Grant Admin access no no yes
Revoke user access no no yes
Clone Dashboard no yes yes
Download Dashboard/Chart data yes yes yes
Edit Dashboard settings no yes yes
Delete Dashboard no no yes
Create new chart no yes* yes*
Edit existing chart settings no yes yes
Edit existing chart data no yes* yes*
Clone existing chart yes* yes yes
Delete chart no yes yes
View charts yes yes yes
Refresh chart data yes yes yes
Edit Cache Duration setting no no yes
Adjust dashboard variable values yes yes yes
Embed a dashboard no*** no*** yes
Schedule a report no no yes
View Snapshots yes yes yes
View Dashboard Activity no no yes**
View Chart Performance Stats/Logs no yes yes

* Relevant Data Source Edit or Admin permissions also required
** Must be an Organization Owner to view Dashboard Activity
*** Anyone can embed dashboards in Confluence and Salesforce

Explore Chart Data

If you have View access to a dashboard and Edit or Admin access to all of the data sources used in a chart on that dashboard, you’ll see an Explore Chart Data option in the chart menu. You cannot save changes to the chart, but you can edit the chart and save a copy to a dashboard you have Edit or Admin access to.

For more details, see our Explore Chart Data page.

Reusable Pipeline Permissions

Permissions for Pipelines can be granted on a per-Team or per-user basis. Owners have Admin access to every Reusable Pipeline.

Reusable Pipeline access level
Use pipeline in chartyes*yes*yes*
Edit pipelinenoyes*yes*
Grant/revoke accessnonoyes
Edit/revoke accessnonoyes
Delete pipelinenonoyes

*Relevant Data Source Edit or Admin permissions also required