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Owners Team

The Owners Team is a special team added by default to every organization in Chartio that can’t be deleted. Any users in the Owners team have implicit Admin access to all Chartio resources in your organization and can grant themselves explicit access to any of those resources as well.

Owners can view the full list of dashboards on the organization landing page by selecting Owner view in the sidebar. The full list of your organization’s data sources is available by going to the Data Sources page.

Owners receive all access requests for data sources in your organization. They’ll also receive access requests for a dashboard if that dashboard does not have any Admins added to it.

As an Owner, you are explicitly granted Admin access to any dashboard when you visit it for the first time, unless someone gave you a different level of access to that dashboard. You are also explicitly granted Admin access to a data source when you visit its settings page, or open a chart in the editor that uses a data source you don’t already have access to.

If the idea of implicit and explicit access is still confusing, here’s a general example:

Let’s say you select the Owners view on the landing page. You might notice some dashboards with nothing in the Access column. This means you currently have implicit access to those dashboards. But once you visit one of those dashboards and go back to the Owners View, you’ll see the Access column will now show “Admin” for that dashboard. At this point, you now have explicit access to the dashboard.

Note: Explicit access supersedes implicit access. If you’re an Owner but another user from your organization assigns you a different level of access to a dashboard or data source, your view of that resource will reflect the explicit access level you were given. However, you can edit your access level at any time by going to the respective Settings pages.

Owners Team page

For more information on Owners Team access, check out our Access Permissions page.