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SAML Added Users Team

The SAML Added Users Team is a special team created by Chartio when a user logs in via SAML but isn’t added to a Chartio team. Unlike the Added from Dashboard Team, you can rename this team and grant this team access to dashboards or data sources—just keep in mind that any users who are automatically added to this team will have those same permissions.

If all users of your organization use SAML authentication to log in to Chartio, you can use this team to provide each user with basic access permissions to any resources in your organization, since every user is added to this team when they log in to Chartio for the first time (provided they weren’t invited via a specific Team’s page).

Alternatively, you could treat this team as a temporary holding place. Your account owner can properly reassign new users to an appropriate Chartio Team, reflecting their required access permissions. Once the users are added to at least one Team, you’ll need to manually remove them from the SAML Added Users Team.

Note: It’s currently not possible to sync your Okta teams with Chartio teams. Once they have access to Chartio, you’ll need to move users to the appropriate Chartio teams.

SAML Added Users Team in the Teams list

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