Date Slider

Create a Date Slider

Click Add Control from the dashboard sidebar menu and select Date Slider. You’ll be redirected to the Data Explorer where you’ll add a date Dimension and edit it as needed. You can also add a Measure to display the date slide in 2D. Then, set the default date range using fixed or relative dates and click Save Chart once completed.

Data Explorer

Connect a Date Slider to your chart

Find the chart you want to connect to your Date Slider and open it in the Data Explorer. Drag the date column you want to filter by to the Filters section. Choose your filter type (you’ll probably want to use between or between and including) from the first dropdown, then select {DATE_SLIDER_NAME.START} and {DATE_SLIDER_NAME.END} from the second and third dropdowns.

If your Date Slider is grouped by hour or minute, select the between filter in the Date Slider Using Hour or Minute section.

Connecting a chart to a Date Slider