Hidden Variable

Create a Hidden Variable

Click Add Control from the dashboard sidebar menu and select Hidden Variable. A modal will pop up for you to customize your variable settings.

For Date Range or a single Date, you can either set a specific date, or choose a relative date such as the last 30 days.

To set a list of numbers or strings as your variable, check the Is List checkbox, and click Add Value for each additional list item you’d like to add. We’ll translate this to a comma separated list. Text lists will be quoted, numerical lists will not.

Connect a Hidden Variable to your chart

Open the chart you’d like to connect to your Hidden Variable in the Data Explorer. Drag the column you want to filter your dataset on into the Filters section, select the filter type, and select your variable name. You’ll need to ensure your Hidden Variable has the same data type as the column you’re filtering on.

Choose the aggregation