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Use custom colors in your charts

If you would like to apply custom colors to all of your charts on a Dashboard, see our documentation on creating a Theme.

If you would like to apply custom colors to one specific chart, see the instructions below.

From your Dashboard, hover over your chart to reveal the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Click it, and select Edit Settings from the dropdown menu. (You can also access the chart settings by choosing Edit Chart Data and clicking the Chart Settings button in the Data Explorer interface.)

Open Chart Settings to set custom colors

In the Chart Settings, select the Colors tab from the top menu and check the ‘Use custom colors’ box to expand the color picker for each of the columns represented on your chart along with the default color that corresponds to your dashboard’s theme.
select settings, colors, to update your chart colors

Click on a color to open the color picker, and choose the color you’d like. You can also input hexadecimal color codes if you’d prefer. Be sure to click Select when you’ve chosen your color to update your selection, then click Done in the lower right to close the panel and Refresh Chart to view your changes.

Choose your color from the color picker

The colors will be tied to each specific dataset in your chart, so if the ordering in your chart changes due to the data changing, the color you associated with Login, for example, will always stay associated with Login. However, the color will reset if you change the name of Login.

Additionally, if you would like to change the background color of your chart, you can click on the Background color box and expand the panel to select the background color in a similar fashion.

Chart settings to update your chart background color

And don’t stop here, if you would like to have your colors updated across your entire dashboard, we would recommend that you create or update a custom theme.