Dashboard Permissions

Permissions for dashboards can be added on a per-Team or per-user basis.

Dashboard access level
View user accessnoyesyes
Grant View/Edit accessnoyesyes
Grant Admin accessnonoyes
Revoke user accessnonoyes
Clone Dashboardnoyesyes
Download Dashboard/Chart datayesyesyes
Edit Dashboard settingsnoyesyes
Delete Dashboardnonoyes
Create new chartnoyes*yes*
Edit existing chartnoyes*yes*
Clone existing chartyes*yes*yes*
Delete chartnoyesyes
View chartsyesyesyes
Refresh chart datayesyesyes
Edit Cache Duration settingnonoyes
Adjust dashboard variable valuesyesyesyes
Embed a dashboardnonoyes
Schedule a reportnonoyes
View Snapshotsyesyesyes
View Dashboard Activitynonoyes**
View Chart Performance Stats/Logsnoyesyes
  • Relevant Data Source Edit or Admin permissions also required
    ** Must be an Organization Owner to view Dashboard Activity

Explore Chart Data

If you have View access to a dashboard and Edit or Admin access to all of the data sources used in a chart on that dashboard, you’ll see an Explore Chart Data option in the chart menu. You cannot save changes to the chart, but you can edit the chart and save a copy to a dashboard you have Edit or Admin access to.

For more details, see here.