Dashboard Permissions

Permissions for dashboards can be added on a per-Team or per-user basis.

Dashboard access level
Viewer Editor Admin
View user access no yes yes
Grant View/Edit access no yes yes
Grant Admin access no no yes
Revoke user access no no yes
Clone Dashboard no yes yes
Download Dashboard/Chart data yes yes yes
Edit Dashboard settings no yes yes
Delete Dashboard no no yes
Create new chart no yes* yes*
Edit existing chart settings no yes yes
Edit existing chart data no yes* yes*
Clone existing chart yes* yes yes
Delete chart no yes yes
View charts yes yes yes
Refresh chart data yes yes yes
Edit Cache Duration setting no no yes
Adjust dashboard variable values yes yes yes
Embed a dashboard no no yes
Schedule a report no no yes
View Snapshots yes yes yes
View Dashboard Activity no no yes**
View Chart Performance Stats/Logs no yes yes

* Relevant Data Source Edit or Admin permissions also required
** Must be an Organization Owner to view Dashboard Activity

Explore Chart Data

If you have View access to a dashboard and Edit or Admin access to all of the data sources used in a chart on that dashboard, you’ll see an Explore Chart Data option in the chart menu. You cannot save changes to the chart, but you can edit the chart and save a copy to a dashboard you have Edit or Admin access to.

For more details, see Chartio’s Help Center.