Owners Team

The Owners Team is included by default, and has global admin permissions for all account settings. Owners can grant themselves access to any data sources or dashboard within the organization.

Owners can view the full list of dashboards on the organization home page, by selecting Owner view in the sidebar. The full list of Data Sources is available by selecting Data Sources from the top navigation.

As an Owner, you are auto-granted access to any dashboard when you visit it. You are also auto-granted access to a data source when you visit its settings page, or open a chart in the editor that uses a data source you don’t already have access to.

Organization access level
Edit namenoyes
Manage plan, paymentnoyes
Be part of subscriptionyesyes
Create new Teamnoyes
Add new Team membersnoyes
View list of all Teamsyes*yes
Edit Team membersnoyes
Add new data sourceyesyes
View list of all data sourcesnoyes
Add new dashboardyesyes
View list of all dashboardsnoyes
Add/edit Data Storesnoyes
View organization activitynoyes
View/edit Embedding settingsnoyes

* Non-Owners can view every team name, but cannot view team members for teams they are not a part of