Chart data limits


By default, Chartio limits the rows returned for your queries to 1,000. You can adjust this setting as needed, but keep in mind that Chartio has maximum limits as well.

Maximum row limit

  • 100,000 rows for table charts and box plots
  • 10,000 rows for all other chart types

Maximum size limit

  • 20MB per chart (total size of query result data)

To work around the 100k row limit, you can utilize a data store in Chartio. The row limit for data store tables is 1 million. The data stores will not allow you to add more rows to a chart but will help perform aggregations on larger data sets. Since Chartio is a tool for building dashboards, its primary use case is meant to use aggregated data to view trends.

To work around the 20MB size limit and reduce the size of your chart, you can reduce the amount of data returned from your query by setting a row limit, filtering the data, or selecting fewer columns. Another option is to split the chart into two with each with different filters so you still have the data in its entirety but in two different charts.

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