A Ridiculously Secure New Way to Connect to Chartio

Posted by on May 11, 2011 -- Features, Chartio

Because we take security extremely seriously, we re-engineered the way our customers connect their data to the Chartio engine. We created a new connection client to Chartio, which is super secure. In this approach, you run a standard SSH client on your end that connects to one of Chartio’s servers. Chartio then connects to your database using this private tunnel.

This is great for many reasons

  1. Any communications between Chartio and your server is encrypted using the strongest encryption available.
  2. You do not have to expose an external port to the network. We can use the private tunnel for all communication, which is a single outbound connection from your server.
  3. Your database doesn’t have to bind to the external network interface at all. This further reduces the risk of bad people getting at your data.

So how exactly does it work? Since there are a lot of steps required to make this sort of connection to our server, we’ve made a setup script to make creating a secure connection super easy. You can install it by running:

sudo easy_install chartio chartio_setup.py

The first thing it does is automatically create a read-only user. This ensures extra safety so anyone using Chartio can’t accidentally mess up your data.

So, to get started (after you’ve been accepted into our beta), just fill out the steps in the wizard, and the private tunnel will ensure that communication with Chartio is as secure as possible. Happy charting!