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Query Log Data Source

Chartio’s Query Log data source provides the ability to add your data source’s query logs as a data source.

At the heart of Chartio are all the queries that power your charts and dashboards. You can view all the queries that have been executed against one of your data sources from Chartio in each data source’s query log. The Query Log data source, on the other hand, lets you access and query your query log data across all sources from up to one year ago. Query metadata can be queried directly, giving you the visibility and insight to understand your data source load and optimize queries.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo or accessing this feature in your account, please contact

Querying the Query Log

The Query Log data source is identified by a purple database icon and titled “Querylog (org name)”. You’ll be able to query the source in Visual Mode. SQL Mode has been disabled for this source to avoid complications with special SQL syntax.

To ensure quicker query times, always include Query Start in your query filters! If you don’t add a Query Start filter, the query will process ALL queries stored in the Querylog data source and will take a long time to execute.

In the Visual SQL interface
Querying the Query Log in Visual SQL
In the Data Explorer interface
Querying the Query Log in Data Explorer

Note: If you have the Query Log Data Source enabled in your account, users will still need to be granted permissions to the data source in order to access it.

Query Log Fields

The following fields are available in the Query Log Data Source:

Field Name Field Definition
Chart Id Unique identifier for charts
Connect Duration Ms Time in milliseconds to connect to a customer database. Runs before query.
Dashboard Id Unique numeric identifier for dashboards (this is not exposed in the UI)
Datasource Id Unique identifier for datasources (this is not exposed in the UI)
Datastore Table Id Unique identifier for data store tables (this is not exposed in the UI)
Google Bigquery Bytes Billed Maximum bytes billed setting to limit query costs
Query Duration (s) Time in seconds it took for the query to execute in Chartio
Rate Limit Duration Time in seconds the query was in the rate limiter before executing
Rate Limit Retry Count Number of times the query was placed in the rate limiter before executing
Total # of Queries Total number of queries executed
Chart Title Title of chart
Dashboard Slug Unique identifier for dashboards used for the URL
Dataset Id Unique identifier for datasets in a chart (this is not exposed in the UI)
Dataset Name Name for each dataset
Datasource Alias Name for data source
Dbtype Type of data source (e.g., Redshift, Athena, Postgres)
Error Msg Error message returned from the data source when the query errors
Google Bigquery Job Id Unique identifier issued by BigQuery
Query SQL SQL generated (when using Visual Mode) or SQL query (when using SQL Mode) executed against the data source
Query Start Timestamp of when query started executing in UTC
Reason Reason for why query executed (ex: dashboard load, chart editor, dashboard refresh, etc)
User Email User email of user that executed query

Query Reasons

Query Reason When Triggered
alert Scheduled alert is sent
chart_editor Query ran from the chart editor
dashboard_auto_refresh Chart updated based on auto refresh setting
dashboard_load_initial Loading the dashboard via page load
dashboard_refresh_chart_data Choosing "Refresh Chart Data" from chart menu
dashboard_refresh_data Clicking "Refresh Data" button
dashboard_report Scheduled report is sent
dashboard_smart_refresh Chart updated based on smart refresh setting
dashboard_update_drilldown_var Changing the value of a drilldown variable
dashboard_update_vars_auto Changing a dashboard variable when dashboard is in "Auto Apply Variables" mode
Updating a dropdown that relies on a variable
Updating a hidden variable
Clearing all filters on a dashboard
dashboard_update_vars_manual Changing a dashboard variable and clicking "Apply Variables" on the top right
datastore_table Data store table is run either manually or from scheduled time
embedded_dashboard Loading an embedded dashboard (Embedding 1.0 only)
export_dashboard Dashboard or chart is exported when the cached is expired
take_snapshot Scheduled snapshot is taken
visualsql Query ran from Visual SQL

Query Log Dashboards

In addition, the Query Log Data Source comes with a set of pre-populated dashboards. You can find them under the Chartio Query Log category on your dashboard home page. The following dashboards will be added to your account with the Query Log Data Source:

  • Chartio Query Log
  • Dashboard Performance
  • Pitfalls
  • Query Search

Query log dashboard

If you’re missing a dashboard or would like to request a copy, please reach out to