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Cloud Application Data Integrations

Most organizations have data in a variety of cloud applications such as marketing and/or sales applications that they’d like to integrate with Chartio. Chartio does not connect directly to these types of data sources, so you’ll need a process to move that data into one of our supported relational databases. You have a couple ways to do this so you can leverage your cloud data in Chartio.

Most of the time, our customers use their existing database to store their cloud application data. Chartio connects to this database and allows you to visualize your data.

We have close integration partners who can help you set up your cloud data stack for connection with Chartio. We recommend Stitch Data and Panoply for most applications, but there are often several good choices.

The process works like this: Stitch or another ETL provider manages the process of extracting your data from your cloud application and pushes it to a database. If you don’t have or don’t want to use an existing database, Panoply sets up and manages a Redshift database for you. Chartio can then connect to that database, then you’re good to go! If you need more help, you can follow our instructions for importing your cloud data using Stitch and Panoply to Chartio.

The table below shows some of the most common cloud applications our customers use, which of our integration partners can extract that cloud data, and links to each partner’s integration pages. We recommend you reach out directly to our partners to learn more about their services, product pricing, and process and determine which solution best suits your needs.

Integration Partners

Source Recommended Stitch Panoply Fivetran Blendo XPlenty Segment
Asana Panoply X X X X
Facebook Ads Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X
Github Stitch & Panoply X X X X X
Google Ads Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X X
Hubspot Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X X
Intercom Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X X
Jira Stitch & Panoply X X X X X
Mandrill Stitch & Panoply X X X X
Marketo Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X
Quickbooks Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X
Salesforce Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X X
Shopify Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X X
Zendesk Stitch & Panoply X X X X X X X