Why You Should Add Salesforce Data to Your Data Sources

Posted: February 21, 2013


*[Editor’s note] As of 2016, you’re able to seamlessly connect your Salesforce data through one of our integration partners. To start visualizing your Salesforce data alongside all your other data sources, start a free trial now.

Today Chartio is adding Salesforce to the list of data sources we support. Our customers have been asking for the ability to explore Salesforce data alongside other data sources in Chartio and today we are happy to announce we now have the capability.

Some of the best things about connecting Salesforce to Chartio is:

  • Viewing Salesforce Data Alongside Other Data Sources - Now you can view Google Analytics and other production databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL alongside your Salesforce data.

  • Seeing your Salesforce Data in Charts and Dashboards in Real-Time - One of the best aspects of connecting Salesforce to Chartio is having a real-time view of your Salesforce data in charts and dashboards. As of right now, Salesforce only allows you to see a dashboard or report daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Interacting with your Salesforce Data - Chartio allows you to drill down into your data to understand the raw data and also filter data through date ranges.

All in all, adding Salesforce as a data source, helps our customers have more accessibility to company data and make better business decisions based on easy-to-read charts and dashboards.

Want to get started today with Salesforce? Start by going to Chartio to sign up.