Refresh Schema

If you make any changes to your database schema, you’ll want to refresh your schema in Chartio to make sure we have the latest version.

To refresh your schema, click the Refresh Schema button at the top of the schema editor.

Click the Refresh Schema button

Schema update

Schema update

You’ll be redirected to a page to view the schema changes, along with a list of Interactive Mode charts that will be affected by the changes. You can choose to cancel the Schema refresh if you would like to fix the affected charts first.

How renamed or removed columns affect Interactive Mode charts

If a column or table’s SQL name changes in your Schema, or a column or table is removed, any references to it in Interactive Mode will be removed when you refresh the schema. The charts will already be failing due to the missing name reference, but it may be worthwhile to hold off on refreshing the schema if you’d like to update the affected Interactive Mode charts first.