Limitations (Old)

Embedding 1.0 UI Elements

In the first version of Chartio’s embedding native UI elements (date sliders, categorical drop downs, etc.) and dashboard drilldowns are disabled for embedded dashboards. This functionality is instead replaced with the more flexible env variables in the JWT payload which allows robust filter and drill capabilities based on UI elements native to the embedding application.

If you need these elements and are still on the old version of Embedding please email us at to upgrade.

Embedding 1.0 Incremental Loading

In the first version of Chartio’s embedding charts did not incrementally load, and dashboards would not return until all queries returned and charts were rendered.

If you would like incremental loading, where charts load onto the page as their queries are completed (identical to the in Chartio experience) please email us at to upgrade.

URL Length

The URL length of the payload cannot exceed that which browsers support, which is 2,038 characters for Internet Explorer browsers. This means there is roughly 1,700 characters available for hidden variable definitions. This is more than enough for most applications.