Documentation Troubleshooting FAQs

Data source connection error messages

When connecting new Data Sources to your Chartio account, an unexpected condition may occur and result in an error message. See the details of common error messages below:

Your database returned: An I/O error

ERROR Your database returned: An I/O error occurred while sending to the backend.

The error above is returned directly from your database and indicates to us that the query is being killed on the database end before it has a chance to finish.

You may want to find out if there is a load balancer or any additional processes that might terminate queries when they exceed a certain time on your end. This may be causing some of the timeout issues.

Google Sheets Error 400: admin_policy_enforced

If you are adding a new Google Sheets connection to Chartio and see the error message Error 400: admin_policy_enforced, you were redirected to Google.

It means your admin for Google Apps has disabled OAuthing for other applications as a security precaution. You’ll need to speak to your Google Apps admin to allow communication from Chartio.

Google Sheets Error 400: FAILED_PRECONDITION

When adding a new Google Sheet connection to Chartio, if you encounter the error message [400] This operation is not supported for this document. FAILED_PRECONDITION it may be because the Google Sheet was created using Excel and uploaded to Google Drive.

You will need to create a new Google Sheet with the data, as files uploaded directly to your Google Drive are not supported.

Redshift error: Invalid protocol sequence ‘P’

Redshift returns the following error when running a query without a limit clause and returning results in excess of 100,000 rows:

ERROR: Invalid protocol sequence 'P' while in PortalSuspended state

To resolve the error, add a limit of 100,000 rows or less to your query.

Google BigQuery API returned: Not found: Files

If you have a table linked to a Google Sheet but you are receiving a “not found” error including the path to your Google Drive file, please verify that you have followed the steps outlined in our Google BigQuery Setup documentation.

You will need to enable the Google Drive API for your project and also add the service account client ID to your Google Sheet.

For more information about any error message when connecting a new Data Source, contact us at