Restarting the Connection Client in non-daemon mode


Log on to the database server and run the following to terminate any running connections:

pkill chartio_connect

The results of ‘crontab -l’ should list a command used to start the chartio client.

Run this command without the -d to start the chartio client without the daemon option. For example:

/usr/local/bin/chartio_connect --prefix=/home/username/instance

It may prompt you to confirm you want to connect with the current version/ssh key. If it does, answer yes.

Then, kill the processes again using pkill chartio_connect and restart them in daemon mode (the original results of ‘crontab -l’ which include the -d prefix).

Check the debug page from within Chartio to test the connection. The debug page can be found at Settings > Data sources > your data source > Debug.

If this becomes a recurring issue, please email and include the chartio_connect.log file. It will be located in the logs subdirectory of your installation path.

For example: /home/username/instance/logs

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