Cloud application data in Chartio

Data Sources

There are a couple of ways your cloud application data can be leveraged in Chartio. Chartio does not connect directly to these applications, so you’ll need a process to move that data into a relational database.

Most of the time, our customers use their existing database to store their cloud application data such as Redshift. Chartio connects to this database and allows you to visualize your data. If you don’t already have or don’t want to use an existing data warehouse, we would be happy to assist in setting this up. We have close partners which can help you set up your cloud data stack and connect Chartio to your cloud data sources. We recommend Panoply & Stitch Data:

Stitch manages the ETL process and pushes your cloud application data into your data warehouse. Panoply will import your data into a data warehouse of your choice which you would then connect to Chartio.

You’re welcome to also use one of our other partner connections to load your data into an existing data warehouse.

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