Importing data from an unsupported data source

Data Sources

Check out the full list of data sources Chartio directly supports.

If your data source is not on this list, there are a few options for importing your data into Chartio.

We do try to add new data sources as often as we’re able to, so feel free to send us a feature request to as well.

CSV data exports

Most services will let you export your data as a CSV file, which you can then upload to Chartio. As you get new data, you can append it to the existing CSV. This way, any connected charts will automatically update to include the new data. The upload process will need to be done manually.

More information about uploading CSVs to Chartio is available in our documentation.

Automated service that exports to a database

Services like Zapier allow you to automate data insertion into a database, based on specific triggers. Check out Zapier’s website for a full list of supported apps.

Other services such as FiveTran will sync data and manage the database for you.

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