Joins across databases

Data Sources

There may be instances where you want to query data from multiple data sources to generate your chart. Chartio allows you to join across databases using Datasets. Each Dataset is one query from a data source, and you can merge your Datasets using a join.

When adding two or more datasets in the Data Explorer, you will need to select a method for merging, or blending, the datasets. For every join option except Union and Cross Join, you can choose how many columns you would like to join the datasets on.

If you would like to reuse the query results from merging your two or more data sources, you can do so by creating a Data Store. You will be able to use this as the data source in your charts without the need for additional datasets.

You can find additional information see our documentation on merging datasets in Chartio and view a merging example here.

Also if you’re curious, we’ve got a nice visual explanation of joins on

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