MongoDB integration

Data Sources

There are a couple of ways your MongoDB data can be leveraged in Chartio. Chartio does not connect directly to MongoDB, so you’ll need a process to move that data into a relational database.

Many of our customers leverage MoSQL which is an open source project from Stripe. Essentially data is live replicated from MongoDB into a Postgres database and then Chartio is able to connect to that Postgres database for your dashboards and analytics. There are more details about a MongoDB connection here.

MoSQL does not support MongoDB 3.2 or later. If you are using a newer version of MongoDB, other options include:

1 - One of our partner connections to load the data into an existing data warehouse such as Stitch, Fivetran, or Xplenty;

2 - Momy, a tool to replicate MongoDB to MySQL in realtime;

3 - Rollback to MoSQL-supported version of MongoDB.

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