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Refresh your data source cache using the Admin API

Chartio’s Admin API allows you to perform maintenance tasks on your organization by using a service account created by Chartio.

In addition to the ability to perform user- and team-based tasks via the Admin API, you can also refresh your data source cache. Using the API, you can set a specific time to refresh a data source’s cache, giving you full control of how often you receive fresh queries. If you’d like to know more about this API call, you can refer to the Admin API Documentation.

A number of our customers use this feature to manage their data. Here are a couple use cases where this API call comes in handy:

  • Customers dealing with large volumes of data commonly have an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process that runs once a day, typically at night when loads are lower and servers are cheaper. You can set a last_refreshed_at time to invalidate any queries cached prior to these scheduled database jobs. We have several customers who run nightly ETL jobs and want to ensure new queries are run after the jobs are done.
  • You can prime your dashboard cache with our Snapshots feature in combination with the last_refreshed_at time to pre-load your dashboards. Use the API to refresh your cache right before you run a Snapshot, caching the dashboard with fresh data for the next time you open the dashboard—especially for those morning meetings!