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Remove your data from Chartio

Although we automatically remove your data when you cancel your account, you do have the option to manually remove your data yourself. Here’s how you can remove your data sources and dashboards from Chartio:

Required permission: Owner

  1. Delete your Data Stores.

    For each of your Data Stores, go to its General tab and click Disconnect to delete that Data Store from your account.

    Delete a Data Store

  2. Disconnect your data sources.

    For each of your data sources, go to its General tab and click Disconnect to delete that data source from your account.

    Disconnect a data source

  3. Disconnecting your data sources should delete all the charts referencing those sources, but the dashboards will remain. If you’d like, you can manually delete the dashboards.

    Go to your Dashboards page, select Owner view from the dashboard filter options on the left sidebar, then select all dashboards by clicking the checkbox next to the Actions dropdown. Once all dashboards are selected, click Actions > Trash.

    Delete all dashboards

  4. Lastly, send an email to and we can close your Chartio instance.

Requesting to remove your user data

For more information about modifying or removing your user data in Chartio, please refer to our Privacy Policy.