Move a chart

Move a Chart to Another Dashboard

Hover over the chart you want to move to another dashboard and click the menu icon. Select Move Chart, and choose the destination dashboard for the chart.

You can use the search bar or categories within the pop-up to select an existing dashboard. To move the chart to a new dashboard, click on the + New Dashboard option under Groups to create the new dashboard, add a Title and choose its Category.

Once you’ve selected the correct dashboard or filled out the new dashboard information, click Save.

You’ll be redirected to that dashboard with the chart selected, where you can arrange your chart as desired. When positioned, click once to place your chart.

Note: If you want to copy your chart to another dashboard instead of moving it, choose Clone from the chart dropdown.

Managing and moving your charts

Move a Chart on a Dashboard

You can easily move a chart within a dashboard by hovering over the top of the chart and dragging the chart once you see a 4-way cursor appear. See Arrange charts for more information.