Enabling Snapshots will save a PDF copy of your dashboard at a specified daily interval. This allows you to quickly and easily review historical chart data.

Pick a day for Snapshots to be taken on a regular, chosen interval

Enable Snapshots

Navigate to your dashboard settings via Settings in the dashboard’s sidebar menu.

Find the Snapshots Enabled setting and enable it. Set your Snapshot Hour to the time of day you would like the Snapshot to be generated. When finished, click Update to save your changes.

View Snapshots

From your dashboard, select View Snapshots in the sidebar menu and you’ll be redirected to the Snapshot Viewer. Select a calendar date to view previous snapshots.

Download Snapshots

From the snapshot viewer, click the download icon next to the date of the snapshot you’d like to download. Choose PDF or CSV and your download will begin.

Download your Snapshot as either a CSV or a PDF