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Dashboard Themes

Chartio lets you select a theme for your dashboard, which applies a unified color scheme to all your charts. You can choose from one of our default themes, or create your own custom theme.

Set a default theme

Permissions required: Owner

From your organization’s Settings page, change the theme in the Default Theme dropdown, and click Update to save. All dashboards will use the selected theme unless the theme is manually changed in the dashboard’s settings.

Change your org's default dashboard theme in Settings

Create a custom theme

Go to your organization’s Themes management page. You can get to this page from the left sidebar of your landing page. To create a new theme, just click the +New Theme button.

Dashboard Themes management page

Name your theme, add an optional logo that will display to the left of your dashboard title, select your colors, and set your text styles. The previews on the right side updates to give you a preview of your theme.

When you’re finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Select a dashboard theme

You can override your organization’s dashboard theme by manually selecting a different theme in your dashboard’s settings.